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Tarologist and therapist in energy care, I am a specialist in human skills and non-verbal language.

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By my benevolence and my magic, 

I transmit a little light to the people I meet. 

For me,  there is no chance, there are only beautiful encounters. 

And if you are reading this message, it means that you are part  of these beautiful souls who shine and who allow you to move forward on this path.

Par ma bienveillance et ma magie, je transmets un peu de lumière aux personnes que je rencontre. 

Pour moi, il n'y a pas de hasard, il n'y a que de belles rencontres. 

Et si vous lisez ce message, c'est que vous faites partie de ces belles âmes qui brillent et qui permettent d'avancer sur ce chemin.


Accueil: About Me

Thank you very much for your draw. It did me a lot of good to hear your sweet voice with this good news. I liked the fact that you explain everything in detail and explain the maps. It calmed me down and gave me hope for the future! Thank you for your time and for your donation!

Tous se passe comme vous me l'avez annoncé !    Le    retour_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  comme    vous   me you said, the apologies,
the rapprochement, the visuals and finally the concrete discussions.
I no longer believed in his return although I have  had other feedback to give you.  The sale and purchase took place.

I had to re-read twice, the first time I felt tears well up as soon as I read, but it really enlightened me on the situation and I thought I had blockages that I've probably been dragging around for a while._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_I would like to take a session for an energy treatment.



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Your monthly  draw  to understand  your monthly energies. You need to understand what is happening, advice, highlighting certain situations, I will accompany you in your evolution. This personalized monthly tarot is made for you! Il  will bring you  answers, keys, resources to move forward serenely on your life path.


  • Numerology

  • Tarot of Marseilles

  • Non-Verbal Language

  • Geomancy

  • Synastry

  • Astrology

  • Dark Shadows

  • Meditation

  • Energy healing

  • Circle of Women

  • Energy Healing 

Online and face-to-face courses. For private and business.

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In this circle of women, you will experience a unique moment between women during which, thanks to alternating sharing and activities, we will weave together this precious bond of sisterhood.
​ safe space. 

Come dance, meditate, create, sing, weave, celebrate. Come share, come receive. Come and let the magic happen... 

It is with great joy that I offer you this privileged moment of sharing between women!


Lausanne I Nyon I Geneva I Friborg I Switzerland

0901 464 106

Merci pour votre envoi !

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Welcome to Haka Tarologue, your Paris Tarot Card Reader since 2000. In my opinion, everyone can benefit from a better life. However, not everyone has access to the information needed to make certain changes in their lives. My ability to tap into my clients' energy systems and analyze important details of past, present, and future events allows me to empower my clients with helpful information to make life-changing changes. Check out my site below and find out how I can help enhance your life.


Haka- Tarologue

0901 464 106

+41 79 935 45 67 pour prendre rendez-vous

Lausanne I Nyon I Genève I Fribourg I Suisse

Bienvenue chez Haka Tarologue, votre Tarologue. Selon moi, tout le monde peut bénéficier d'une vie meilleure. Cependant, tout le monde n'a pas accès aux informations nécessaires pour effectuer certains changements dans sa vie. Ma capacité à puiser dans les systèmes énergétiques de mes clients et à analyser des détails importants d'événements passés, présents et futurs me permet de donner à mes clients des informations utiles pour apporter des changements de vie marquants. Consultez mon site ci-dessous et découvrez de quelle façon je peux vous aider à embellir votre vie.

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