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An energy session is a personal process.

Before the session, I will explain to you how it will take place, you can also share your questions with me.


An energy session is "harmonization of energies" it can be used  as a preventive measure, it can also  help you overcome a phase  precise in your life. 

(The  session in no way replaces  treatments  medical).

During our session,  You have nothing to do  if you wish can you lie down and listen to relaxing music, a  that its that you  love and that will help you relax. 

You can also be at work, or carry out your usual tasks during the session, rest assured,  the energies still work. 


You just have to be aware and intend to receive it.


I  work your energies during this time. 

I can also receive  messages from your guides that I will pass on to you. 

The benefits of a session are numerous:


  • Harmonize the energies    

  • Balancing chakras and energy bodies           

  • Unties knots and blockages                              

  • Evacuates waste energy                                    

  • Help with vibration maintenance

  • Positive effects on the physical, mental and emotional level 

  • Aids in letting go, relaxation and  to well-being      

  • And much more.

Energies have no limits in time and space.

Exchange and communication are precious and are important values for me. I can channel messages from the guides during the session.

Every feeling is unique, just like yours  soul is unique.        

The session lasts  1h.

Remote Energy Healing

  • The session does not in any way replace medical treatment. As a precaution, the session is not recommended for pregnant women, people creating an energy barrier  from the start  (doubts, fears),  people with mental disorders, people with a pacemaker.

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