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Personalized birth chart for your child  is a valuable document that highlights the great energies of life, capacities, potentials and small "flats", to move forward  to a fulfilling life.


This theme will be personalized especially for the child, it will be sent in booklet format, you will be able to leaf through it over the years.


Your child's numerology


Some babies are born prematurely and others after the date set by the doctor, even if there is no medical explanation, it can all be a matter of fate.

The day of birth of the child gives all the information about his potential, his personality and his character traits. There is no difference with an adult.


The day of birth of a person is decisive, it influences the way of seeing

the world, the way people perceive us, it reflects our personality our character.


It is as important as the month and the year of birth, it forms a whole, it is our "destiny" path. All these vibrations highlight our behavior, our way of seeing the world, our attitudes according to events, these are the parameters of our personality.


The analysis of the birth chart makes it possible to understand and highlight all the strengths and weaknesses of a person in solving social problems, both at the level of personal and professional relationships.


Numerology highlights the analysis of the person, while emphasizing what is essential in the mode of functioning of the person, as much at the level of his karmas, as of his life patterns, it is important to understand what the person needs to intensify, modify or neutralize within his  personality to take their destiny into their own hands and thus evolve towards a harmonious life.


You will discover in photos examples of themes for children.


Discover numerology on my blog


Ideal gift to put under the Christmas tree


For this we need:

- first name

- name

- the birth date



Possibility to personalize it. 

Is considered a child up to 14 years.


  1. As soon as we receive your order, we will contact you in order to respond as accurately as possible to your request.
  2. The birth chart  will arrive in booklet format.
  3. You will receive your birth chart within 10 working days


You also have the possibility of offering this service, do not hesitate to mention it.

We will be happy to include a personalized message from you.

Personalized child birth theme

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