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The next 12 months  decrypted  thanks to the magic of Tarot and numerology!

This Tarot de Marseille reading is the analysis of the 12 months of the year 2022, it will allow you to understand the energies that will accompany you in your life throughout the year.

You have arrived at the beginning of an important period, with the desire to have more clarity to project yourself and live more serenely the next 12 months.

This draw is different and very special, exploring  what you are going to go through during the year, revealing to you the issues, like small hiccups, in the main spheres of your life.  Come and discover for each month what your future holds for you. With the added bonus of ultra-professional interpretations and sound advice to better understand the 12 months.

Discovering the challenges, the assets you have , such as small hiccups, or your possible weaknesses, in order to flourish and live in the best conditions this New Year.

It is practical  finally  or at the beginning of the year, at this very precise period, it is the key moment when you enter the beginning of a very particular phase of your life.

The Tarot de Marseille is a very rich forecasting tool that allows you to situate successes, problems and their resolutions.  Each month of the year will be explored thanks to the cards of the tarot and  your personal numerology.  You will discover the atmosphere released each month, the relational theme, that of the financial,  and well-being will also be analyzed. Your monthly energy will be revealed to you.

The tarot is a great way to understand what is going on in your life!

You will receive your detailed summary in audio format within 10 working days. 


-  Your first name
-  your name
-  your date of birth

- your time of birth  ( if you know her )

- your place  of birth  ( if you know her )

- your romantic situation (as a couple/single etc)
-  Your email address



-  his first name
-  her name
-  his date of birth

- his hour of birth ( if you know it )

- its place  of birth  ( if you know her )

- his sentimental situation (as a couple/single etc)

Lift the veil on your year 2022

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