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Ready for a transformative experience?
from October 22 to 24, 2021



If you were waiting for a sign here it is!

A sign to dare to launch

A sign to tell you that it's

The good moment

A sign to encourage you

A sign to tell you that

you are

on the right path

What does this sign tell you?


During your stay, you will receive many tools to simplify your life and you will discover how you can find peace, serenity and energy despite the tensions of everyday life.

I let you discover the program and the magical energy of this fabulous stay. They are intended for anyone who wishes to  :

  • develop your intuition

  • regain self-confidence

  • learn to listen to your soul

  • align, anchor and reconnect to your inner treasure

  • let go, recharge and ride the wave of abundance in life

On the program:  

  • Develop your intuition

  • Heart-to-heart encounters and new friendships

  • Activities in connection with nature to escape

  • Relaxation in “high energy” places to recharge your batteries

You want to take control of your life, find self-confidence, understand your ways of functioning and your failures.

Understand and Discover what corresponds to your life path, your intimate personality and your Karma. This stage discovery of your reconnection is made for you!

"Then become aware of the incredible power that lives in you, that of THINKING your life and creating it!"

Woman of impact, I am committed to transmitting my daily inspirations to you in order to share with you my feminine vision, which is to make a difference in this world thanks to our particularity. Make your life the most beautiful of your dreams by devoting the best of yourself to it.

You Must Know Who You Really ARE

You need to know who you really are not what you appear to be or what you want to be, but the person YOU are deep inside yourself.

Carry on even after failure

You tend to get discouraged quite quickly when you see all your efforts devalued or when you have sacrificed yourself and no one sees it.

Believe in yourself

Believe that you are a gift, you are an opportunity for the people who have been in your life that they are and will be! Realize your potential!

You are unique and important


5 star hotel | Dream place | Housing | Restoration | Spa | Relaxation | Internet | Car park

sejour haka.jpg
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